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To ignite the spirit of adventure towards making our planet a secure place for wildlife!
–Eco Rangers Mission Statement

Our values reflect those of a business started by small group of individuals who out of their love of the outdoors and wildlife took out time from their studies and work life to engage with the natural regions to conserve and protect them.

Slowly it was felt that there were more people who would love to connect with the wilderness and would like to lead an outdoor life to conserve the wild regions of the country. This necessitated that these like minded people should come together and form a group of volunteers working for conservation of wildlife and environment. This group was called the Eco Rangers.

The first camp was set up in the Himalayan state of northen India called Uttarakhand in January 2006. This was the same valley where project tiger was initiated in 1974 by Government of India, now called Jim Corbett National Park. It was a group which included the native people of the region, started work to reduce the human animal conflict and creating awareness against poaching and hunting of wild animals and cutting of forest in this protected tiger valley.

Eco Rangers is therefore an open platform for naturalists, environmentalists, wild lifers, educationist and outdoor specialists to connect and drive initiatives from. During the course of their work they may have to live in the wilderness, climb mountains, trek through unknown trails, raft their way to the farthest corners of the forest, rescue a wild animal, survey and report their findings, cycle to spread awareness amongst communities, work in make shift labs, teach in local schools, evacuate sick people from mountain tops, jointly patrol the forests, swim across rivers, built capacity for wildlife conservation work, teach about organic farming and so much more for the spirit of adventure and conservation of wildlife.

Eco Rangers are aware that their activity may unknowingly cause harm to the environment if they are not careful when engaging with it. So we take extra precaution to keep a distance from wild animals, not to litter or contaminate the soil and water bodies, not to make noise, leave behind smell trails, not to use any natural resource so as to deplete them. And we believe in working and learning from the local communities and making them an integral part of our work where ever we are based out of.

Going forward we would like to stay true to our core value of conserving, protecting and serving the wild regions of this planet and helping communities to live peacefully along side. And welcome individuals to work and live with us who share the same spirit of adventure.


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